Baratza Sette 270Wi

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The Sette™ 270Wi is an espresso grinder that enhances the coffee-making process with its efficient and precise features.

The grinder is equipped with an integrated Acaia scale for weight-based dosing, allowing for doses accurate to the tenth of a gram and enabling users to save up to three programmed settings for quick adjustments between brew methods.

Its no-chute design minimizes waste by directing coffee straight from the grind chamber into the portafilter or grounds bin. Designed for optimal espresso workflow, it offers hands-free grinding directly into the portafilter, ensuring quick and precise doses without the need for pre-weighing.

The Sette™ 270Wi supports up to 270 grind settings, thanks to macro settings subdivided by precision micro adjustments, facilitating perfect espresso extractions. Additionally, it features a removable adjustment ring for easy cleaning and grind range customization with included shims, and its simple adjustment mechanism allows for versatile grinding across different brew methods.