Baratza Encore ESP Black.

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The Encore™ ESP is designed to optimize the espresso brewing process with precision grinding capabilities. This grinder is tailored for espresso enthusiasts, offering a high-resolution grind range to produce creamy, syrupy, and espresso shots easily. It features a simple hopper adjustment mechanism and an included dosing cup to streamline the espresso workflow.

The Encore™ ESP is equipped with a durable metal adjustment system capable of handling daily espresso grinding demands. It offers a dual-range system: settings #1-20 for high-resolution espresso grinds and #21-40 for coarser grinds suitable for filter, French press, or cold brew. Its operation is simple, with options for pulse grinding or continuous hands-free operation via the on/off knob.

This grinder includes a quick-release M2 conical steel burr system, simplifying cleaning and maintenance. Also, it comes with a dosing cup to facilitate mess-free transfer of grounds to the portafilter, including a 58mm adapter for versatility.

Users can customize the grind range by adding or removing shims, allowing for finer or coarser grinds according to preference, making the Encore™ ESP a customizable and user-friendly option for daily espresso making.