Lelit 9500051 GLUE LOXEAL (55-03 18/23NM) 50 ml

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Medium strength anaerobic adhesive for thread locking of nuts and bolts of all types that require to be dismantled. Suitable to be used on oily surfaces. Highly resistant to heat, corrosion, vibrations, water, gas, oils, hydrocarand many chemicals. Proven unscrewing resistance at +200°C.

Approved as gas-tight sealant for threaded fittings according to the European norm EN 751-1 (DVGW nr. NG-5146AU0399 and GAZ DE FRANCE).

Approved for potable water (TZW – DVGW). It keeps sealing properties unchanged between -55°C/+200°C and up to +250°C for short times.