Baratza Sette 270

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The Sette™ 270 streamlines the espresso-making process with its hands-free, time-based dosing feature. This grinder allows for customizable grinding times accurate to the tenth of a second, ensuring consistent doses for each brew. Its innovative no-chute design directs coffee straight from the grind chamber into the portafilter or grounds bin, reducing waste and enhancing the espresso experience.

Designed for efficiency, the Sette™ 270 facilitates quick, hands-free grinding into the portafilter, optimizing the workflow for espresso preparation. The grinder boasts macro adjustments that can be further refined with a stepless micro adjustment ring, offering up to 270 precise grind settings for perfect espresso extractions.

The Sette™ 270 also features a removable adjustment ring, simplifying cleaning and customization of the grind range with the inclusion of shims. Its simple adjustment system allows for versatile grinding options, accommodating everything from fine espresso to coarse pour-over coffee, making it an ideal tool for espresso aficionados seeking convenience and precision.